The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot

Williams, 1991

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

A classic in every way. Wonderful lighting and art, and game play that is easy to learn, hard to master. Unique rotating face mechanism as you advance through the modes. Sister game to Jackbot and Pin-bot. Tee up a pint and enjoy this one for hours.

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One thought on “The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot

  1. The big wheel has six awards, but imo it’s a little biased toward Lite Billion, so getting the billion isn’t as hard as it looks. Beware– on Supercollider’s roms, if you get a billion in a two- (or more) player game, it will crash! (Play single-player games.) The game also maintains two high score tables: one for games that have gotten a billion (Billionaire’s club), and the usual table for games without.

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